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Stono Inlet Soundings Updated
FOLLY BEACH, SC (10/21/14) --


Stono Inlet, just 11 nautical miles southwest of the Charleston Harbor approach, is routinely used by both recreational boaters and commercial shrimpers. It allows easy access to the Atlantic Ocean from marinas and private docks along Folly River, Stono River and their many tributaries.

When used cautiously, Stono Inlet is a safe pass. It is, however, a changeable area lined with breakers and it can be treacherous. Although the inlet is marked, entrance buoys are not charted because they are frequently shifted in position.

The route and waypoints below are from the mouth of the Folly River to safe water (20+ feet). These soundings were recorded with Atlantic Boat and Marine's Miss Irene's Whaler on October 21, 2014. Depths noted for the waypoints were taken when the tide was at mean low. Winds were calm and Seas were less than 2 feet. Note all buoys seaward of green can number "5" have either been removed or are missing.


To Red Nun No. 6
N32* 36.776' W079* 58.981'

South to Green Can No. 5
N32* 36.371' - W079* 59.050'

South to
N32* 35.763' - W079* 59.032', depth 11.8'

East to
N32* 35.857' - W079* 58.180', depth 8.3'

Southeast to
N32* 35.595' - W079* 57.477', deep water

Note depths along this 3 mile route ran as low as 5.0' at mean low tide. Depending on the sea state, you can expect high following seas through here when returning from sea. Also, the entrance runs closely along a line of breakers. Depending on your type of vessel, rolling seas amplified by the shallow depths can push you into these breakers if you are not careful.

With no visual references seaward of green can number "5", the three mile open water trek in or out can be intimidating. If you are transiting Stono Inlet for the first time, we recommend moderate seas and a rising mid-tide or higher. Make sure these waypoints are entered into your GPS correctly and as always, use your own good sense when transiting this or any other pass.

We will be updating these soundings as time allows. In the mean time, call us if you have questions or have more current information to offer.

Legal Disclaimer (in plain language):
Please don't rely on this information and then blame Atlantic Boat and Marine if you run aground or worse. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these waypoints. Relying solely upon them would be a lack of good judgment on your part. Consider this information, but rely upon your own experience and seamanship abilities for the safety of your vessel and crew.

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