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Jeppesen Marine Issues Important Alert and Safety Notice for Nobeltec Navigation Software

Jeppesen Marine issued the following "Important Alert and Safety Notice" via their web site:

"Certain Nobeltec Passport chart features (including but not limited to buoys, markers, contours, underwater obstructions, etc.) may not display correctly, or at all, when used in conjunction with certain Nobeltec navigation software packages and OEM plotter solutions."

There is no apparent indication on the site exactly when the notice was first issued. The "Defect and Hazard" is describe as:

"When affected navigation software and OEM plotter solutions are used in conjunction with affected Passport charting products certain chart features may not always and/or may not correctly display on the navigation system screen.

Missing and/or incorrectly displayed information may represent a hazard if navigators are misusing affected products by relying solely on them for primary navigation, instead of placing primary reliance on up-to-date official government charts."

Affected products apparently include the Nobeltec VNS, Admiral, and OEM - Northstar models. The model version, Passport Chart versions, along with the chart regions that are affected are stated in the notice.

The company is offering a free updated versions and patches for the affected products to correct the defect as soon as they are available. Beware, however, as the patches will permanently remove the S-57 import functionality from the Admiral and VNS products as well as render any previously imported S-57 charts unusable.

The complete notice can be found on the Nobeltec site at: link no longer valid as of 5/10/08.


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