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Gemini Heads South
WASHINGTON, NC (Sun 11/15/09) --

Gemini, a 34 foot Pacific Seacraft, headed out of Washington North Carolina this morning bound for the Bahamas. Avid sailors and long-time Atlantic Boat and Marine clients Jeff and Cathy Burton, along with another crew mate, are manning the vessel. The 570 nautical mile passage should take about four to five days to complete. Testing the new SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, Atlantic Boat and Marine will be tracking Gemini's progress.

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger transmits an "all OK" pre-programmed message along with a current GPS location. The unit works world-wide and is a relatively inexpensive alternative to a satalite phone while offshore and out of range of other forms of communication. The transmission comes in the way of an email or SMS phone message sent to up to ten recipients. In addition, the location of each transmission is depicted on a SPOT web page using Google Maps. Although the SPOT product does have a "911" feature, it is not recommended as a replacement for a conventional EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon).

We will be updating Gemini's position from time to time, so, check back again.


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