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Freeze Forecasted for Charleston Area
CHARLESTON, SC (12/31/07) --

The coastal forecast for the Charleston area is calling for high winds and overnight temperatures as low as 24 degrees F over the next three days. If you have not taken steps to protect your engine(s) and other vessel components susceptible to freeze-related damage, today and tomorrow might be a good time to do so.

The climate here in the Charleston area affords us year-round boating. Temperatures like those forecasted for the next few days are not that common on the coast and traditional winterizing is not often done by most of us. If you fall in this category, here are a few suggestions that may help:

  • Make sure there is adequate heat and circulation in the cabin.
  • Open all interior lockers, doors, hatches, etc. to help circulate the warm air.
  • Open the interior hatch or access to your engine room to circulate warm air there as well.
  • Close all seacocks to ensure any damage that may occur doesn't end up sinking her at the dock. Also, remove the ignition key(s) and post a note in their place stating the seacocks are closed to alert you and others.
  • For outboards in the water, place the engines down. This will help drain some of the upper components and protect the foot from freezing temperatures.

Note most boat insurance policies do not cover freeze damage as it is considered a maintenance issue. Most policies will, however, allow freeze coverage to be added for a relatively small amount.


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