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Folly River Dredged
FOLLY BEACH, SC (Wed 05/31/13) --

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The Folly River, just inland of Stono Inlet, has been recently dredged. The new channel has plenty of depth and this is good news to many mariners who have run aground in this area over the past year.

Unfortunately, the area at Green Can "3" and Red Nun "4" was not dredged and is still reading as little as 4.5 feet at low tide. Otherwise, the rest of the channel as of this date is 10 feet or more in depth at low tide.

The US Coast Guard has eliminated some channel markers and repositioned a few others to mark the newly dredged area. When returning from sea, the channel use to cross Folly River at Red Nun "14", picking up Green Can "15" in the middle and on to Day Marker "16" on the southeast bank (Folly Island side). Both Green Can "15" and Day Marker "16" have now been eliminated.

The channel still takes you along the outer docks of Sunset Cay Marina. Please give them a break and pass at idle speed. Also, keep in mind this area is constantly changing. If you have not been through here in a while, do yourself a favor and take it slow. Running aground at cruising speed can easily damage both your vessel and crew.

Because this area changes frequently, we try to take soundings as time allows and report them here. In the mean time, call us if you have questions or have more current information to offer.

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