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Fluids Analysis is Key
CHARLESTON, SC (Mon 05/26/09) --

One of the services Atlantic Boat and Marine provides for our customers is Fluids Analysis. Fluids Analysis is a diagnostic, preventive maintenance tool every owner/operator should utilize. It is an inexpensive way to monitor the health of your engines and could literally save thousands in repairs by identifying minor problems before they become major failures.

The report to the right is a good example. This engine oil analysis is for a sample taken from a sailing vessel with a single Volvo Penta diesel engine. The report has identified an abnormal amount of iron and chromium in the oil. They are indicators of excessive wear at the cylinder region metals (pistons, rings, and liners). Also noted is the presence of sodium, whose source could be the coolant system.

So for this owner, a cylinder compression check is in order. Also, an inspection of the engine oil cooler for signs of internal corrosion. If a problem is found, repairs will be minor compared with rebuilding or replacing the engine after a catastrophic failure.

Fluids Analysis is inexpensive and works well. Samples should be taken before each oil change or at least once a year. The resulting reports will give you invaluable information that will save you big bucks in the long run. And if buying a used yacht, order the fluids analysis first, then the survey.

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