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Diver Dies from Shark Attack
MIAMI, FL (02/27/08) --

Austrian lawyer Markus Groh died last Saturday after a shark attacked him about 50 miles east of Ft. Lauderdale in Bahamian waters. He was part of a group of tourists aboard the commercial dive boat Shear Water during an organized "shark-dive" excursion. Operators chum for sharks and then encourage their paying customers to dive among them, and the chum, unprotected.

Some are reporting the attack was from a bull shark, one of the most aggressive shark species. The victim was airlifted by the Coast Guard to a Miami hospital where he died shortly after arriving.

Dive related shark baiting and feeding has been banned in Florida since 2001 however the Bahamas government has no law against the practice. In spite of the attack, many shark enthusiasts are defending the practice and are throwing their support behind the dive operator, Scuba Adventures. Others, including the Bahamas Dive Association, believe the practice is too dangerous for the general public and have called for a halt to such operations considering the aggressive species that can be attracted such as bull and tiger sharks.


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