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Charter Assistance Program is a Hit with New Yacht Owners
CHARLESTON, SC (11/05/07) --

New yacht owners are discovering the tax advantages of offering their vessels for charter when not in use. Atlantic Boat and Marine's Charter Assistance Program has been a big hit in that regard.

Atlantic Boat and Marine's Captain Michael Sutton has developed the program with several existing clients. "Over the years we have been consistently asked by owners about chartering their vessels. There is a lot of interest in this. Owning and caring for a yacht is expensive and chartering makes good business since. Our Charter Assistance Program is a very good fit with our existing yacht management services."

Atlantic Boat and Marine's role in the program is not to run a charter service. Rather, to assist owners in an endeavor that will help them realize profit and potential tax benefits. Actual charter fees are paid directly to the owner giving them an active role in the operation. Nonetheless, the vessel must qualify for the program. Eligible yachts must be in top condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Once part of the Atlantic Boat and Marine owner fleet, vessels are maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

For more information about Atlantic Boat and Marine's Charter Assistance Program, contact Captain Michael Sutton at 843-406-2836.


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