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Changes in Sea State
CHARLESTON, SC (05/19/08) --

Recently we spoke to one of our clients on his way offshore for a day of fishing. Asking what the seas were like 35 nautical miles out, we explained 2 to 3 feet at present, but conditions were expected to deteriorate later in the day. His exact words were, "if it gets too rough then we'll head back in".

Atlantic Boat and Marine monitors the National Data Buoy Center's Station 41004 on a daily basis. 41004 is 41 nautical miles ESE of Charleston harbor. We have seen our off-shore waters change from 2 to 3 foot seas into 8 to 10 foot seas in as little as two hours. Most do not realize the sea state can change this fast. Couple an abrupt change in conditions with a NW wind and your ride home may be a long and miserable one.

The answer, of course, is to know the forecast before you go, monitor the forecast while you are out, and avoid conditions your vessel is not designed for. Waiting until the seas are "too rough" may be too late.

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