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Captain Paul Corgill Available
CHARLESTON, SC (12/18/07) --

The motor yacht Situations, on its way to the Caribbean Sea under the command of Captain Paul Corgill, has been delayed in St. Augustine, Florida. The delay, due to unexpected mechanical repairs, is expected to be as long as three months. This has had an unintended benefit in that Captain Paul has offered to augment Atlantic Boat and Marine's training and delivery services during that time.

Captain Corgill is an accomplished and experienced seaman. Being a USCG licensed 500 ton master, Paul has served on motor, sailing, and sport fishing yachts for more that 20 years. He also has more than a dozen blue water deliveries as master under his belt. As a sailing instructor, he has taught everything from celestial navigation to racing tactics. Contact Atlantic Boat and Marine's office at 843-406-2836 if you are interested in taking advantage of Captain Corgill's talent and experience.


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