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All good things..

"We are a group, both young and old, who love what we do. We recognize our good fortune to be making a living on the water and when we are not on your boat, we are usually surfing, diving, fishing, or cruising on our own."

This could not have been more true over the last 20 years. And what a great bunch of young folks we have had the opportunity to work with over that time. Now they have become outstanding men and women, many with kids of their own.

Although we are not totally done, we have scaled back many of our service offerings from years past. We have moved on to our own boat and are cruising, however, our home port is still Charleston, South Carolina. And we are are still training and taking care of other boats.

So if you need help, email us here or call eight four three, three four seven, four five two six (the words help protect us from spider robot scum.) If we can't help you, we are more than happy to offer advice and point you in the right direction.

Over the years we have spent most of our money on boats. The rest we have squandered.

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